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Sepsis GP case study

A patient dies. What happens next?

A middle aged man with multiple co-morbidities, including multiple sclerosis, contacted his GP practice to request a home visit as he had abdominal pain.  During the appointment, the patient informed the GP that he no longer had pain but had backache and felt nauseous. The GP performed observations and took the patient's temperature but did not document the latter. She found no abnormalities on examination and felt the symptoms were due to viral gastroenteritis. Analgesia was prescribed and the patient was advised to drink plenty of fluids and contact the practice if his symptoms got worse. This latter advice was not documented.

Two days later, the patient was in a peri arrest state and was taken to hospital where he died later that week. The cause of death was confirmed as bacterial sepsis secondary to an acute pyelonephritis.
1. How many potential investigations can arise from a single clinical incident such as this?  *This question is required.
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